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Welcome to Rockxa Finance $RcXa Presale

Interacting With Your Wallet

Web3 wallet is connected: Yes

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My ETH balance: ETH

Interacting With Crowdsale Contract

Contract address: 0x48A6d1d9d9E9c17C559785f6AB0D4588dF674768

Enter amount of ETH you want to invest:


Self-Custody Wallets Only (MEW, TrustWallet etc). Do Not send directly from Exchange.

TOKEN Buying Guide

For Metamask users

1: Click on Your Metamask Extantion & Connect Your Metamask Wallet with this page & Refrash the page.

2: Enter amount of ETH you want to invest then Click Buy Tokens Button & Confirm on Metamask.

For Trust Wallet & MEW wallet users

1: Send ETH to this Contract Address "0x48A6d1d9d9E9c17C559785f6AB0D4588dF674768" from a non-custody wallet (MEW, Trust, Metamask. Do not send from an exchange).

2: Once your ETH is received in the sales address, the contract will automatically send tokens back to your address from where the ETH was sent at the same moment.

3: Add the Rockxa (RcXa) contract to your wallet to show tokens in your wallet.